Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1: What is a guild?
Question 2: How do I an ID (User ID, Channel ID, etc.)?
Question 3: I have an issue, where can I ask for help?
Question 4: I found a bug with the BOT, how/where can I report it?
Question 5: I have a suggestion for the BOT, how can I let you know?


Question 1: I get a ./ line X: Y Killed npm install when Installing/Updating?
Question 2: How do I see the BOT's log in Linux/macOS?


Question 1: How do I add/change the prefix, default status or default game of the BOT?
Question 2: How do I add/change the BOT Token, BOT ID, Owner ID or Cleverbot API Key?
Question 3: How do I get a Cleverbot API Key?
Question 4: How do I add more than one Owner to the BOT?


Question 1: How will my Level increase in my Bastion Profile?
Question 2: What is Bastion Currency?
Question 3: How do I get Bastion Currency?
Question 4: What can I do with Bastion Currencies?


Question 1: How do get a list of all commands?
Question 2: How do I use a command?
Question 2: What are the variables I can use in greeting message, farewell message, etc.?


Question 1: Music commands aren't working in Public BOT?
Question 2: Music is (still) not working/laggy?

You have a issue/question and it's not listed here? Sorry dude, just head over to the #help channel in Bastion BOT Official Discord Server, and ask for help.